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    We are entrepreneurs at heart. We have pitched and we have been pitched. Over time, we have learned the value of feedback. We are redefining the pitch by creating a low-risk, high reward venue for entrepreneurs to pitch concepts and receive real-time feedback.


    We host companies at all stages of development to pitch and receive valuable feedback from our audience, judging panel, and experienced investors in real-time. Even if you do not walk away with an investment, you will walk away with the tools you need to make your company a hit. Our judges provide feedback in four key areas of your pitch: the idea, the development, the presentation, and the potential for investment. In addition to the judging panel, an investor panel and an audience will be answer a series of YES or NO questions about to your business or idea. Our app will curate all of this data and present it to you by the time you exit the stage.


    As a member of the audience, you represent the consumer. At the end of the day, the audience determines if they would purchase the presenter's product or use a service. While the companies are pitching, you will use our app to answer a series of YES or NO questions about the company presenting live. You may be one of many in the audience, but the audiences' opinion matters the most.


    "Every investor wants to bet on a winning horse. I mean what’s the point in losing money on purpose? But that’s the risk taken on a gamble. And the same can be said about investing in startups." As a registered investor at our event, you make no obligation to invest, but you have every intention of learning more about the companies pitching. During the event, you will use our mobile app to answer a series of YES or NO questions about the company presenting live. In addition to participating in the event, we also provide you with all the data we collect on the companies. With this data, we ensure smarter investment decisions and give you access to hot startups.

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    Bocks Detergent

    Bocks Detergent is a chemical free, compostable laundry detergent that allows people to reclaim their clothes and understand the ingredients that go into the washing process


    Boolio is a social application that changes the way you interact with question in social media.


    Cociel is a conscious brand created to help local Latin American producers boost their businesses, while sharing the joy of our exotic tropical flavors to international markets. Cociel is consciously working towards a tastier and happier world!

    Court Kings

    CourtKings is a platform for finding and listing athletic facility space. It allows athletic teams to find athletic fields and courts listed by local gyms that were previously inaccessible. It also benefits gyms by allowing them to set security deposits, manage customer insurance, and streamline the entire booking process. CourtKings is transforming the way athletic facilities are rented

    Hey! Heads Up

    Hey! HeadsUp is a people reminding people platform. Through the use of phone call, text, email, and our mobile app, users can schedule task reminders for themselves and others.


    The Keyforall is a smart keypad lock made to simplify sharing and tracking access to your home.


    Nannofood is a company looking to change the way we see agriculture while also combating world hunger.

    PICC Perfect

    PICCPerfect creates after market medical accessories for patients going through long term treatment. Their first product is the PICCPerfect PICC line cover that allows patients to safely and securely protect their PICC line. The covers are antimicrobial, moisture wicking, machine washable, and contain 4-way stretch. PICCPerfect's products are fashionable medical accessories that are made in the USA.

    Powder Partner

    Provide the best way to supplement after a workout.


    A social music discovery application that allows users to listen in real time.

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